Holding a Bsc in marine science, my studies and internships have given me specific knowledge in sciences and other domains such as oceanography, data processing, marine biology, photography or computer science, and also a relevant technical experience with a lot of field work. The wide variety of domains studied provides me with autonomy and an adaptable capacity for work.


After university I have started to work as a navigator. I traveled around the world to uncommon locations such as Angola, Madagascar, Mozambique, Shetland island, Norway where I met talented people from a wide variety of fields.


Indeed I’ have always worked within a team, with people from different country and different culture. I’ think I’ m a good team player with a willingness to jump in and help whenever necessary. All of these experiences have given me a high degree of independence, and the ability to work in different conditions.

 All these different experiences were also a great opportunity to improve my photography skills as I made several photography for myself and for the companies I worked for.


For instance when I was at the university, one of my project was about digital photography, as a navigator I have provided photography for the Nautech calendar, and a virtual tour on the ship Ramform Sterling for the Norwegian seismic company PGS, I have also provided images for french scientific institute Ifremer to illustrate an article on a magazine.

Some of my windsurfing pictures have also been published in different windsurfing magazine ( WindMag, World of Windsurf).


All theses experiences as a photographer on my free time encouraged me to become a professional photographer

Wedding photography in Brittany and beyond

I’m always looking to push the limits of wedding photography, and i like to challenge myself. I think when you do that, all your photography gets better as result.

Family portraits

One of the biggest obstacles in portraits photography is bringing life to a still image. It’s especially challenging when you are making tight headshot. It’s the small things that show life in your subject. I think each portrait should have character and personality, and be different from each others Each should tell a story and for me out of my comfort zone and teach me something new about photography, lighting or editing. 

Landscape – Nature photography

Here in Brittany, I tend to adhere to particular style of landscape and nature photography. For instance, by and large, landscape photographs should be pristine and devoid of of any human influence, no structure of any kind, no altered scenery, no evidence that human feet have ever set a foot in the area.


I keep a mental hit list of places I would like to visit. The list is long and consistently being amended and updated.Some ideas on my list are just a word, a beautiful place and a potential photo.But others ideas are more fully formed, a complete adventure in a short sentence. While some of these adventures are pure fantasy, the journey is at the core of the adventure. 


What i enjoy the most about being a nature photographer is being in nature. Outside, Fresh air, beautiful light. Peace and quiet. No matter how obvious that sounds, it’s a good reminder, especially since I spend most of my time in front of a computer monitor. Thankfully, I have the good fortune of living in Brittany, where many inspiring subjects are near at hand. I believe that photography can connect people with wildlife and environment, which in turn can help in the effort to save the various species that share our planet, and perhaps more than ever, that are threatened with pollution and extinction.


Landscape photography is all about light and composition and seeing something that is isn’t there at all time. As a landscape photographer i need to find a location and wait for the light to magically change the landscape.


I have a strict policy on my post production work. I will only retouch, I will not manipulate my images. I’ll balance backgrounds, foregrounds, colors and light, add some saturation, and remove dust spots . That is fine as long as i do not change the essence of what the picture is.

Water sports photography

I addition to this, I always been a really big fan of windsurfing. If I’m not windsurfing , I think about windsurfing. Perhaps the only thing that rivals this first love is photography. I live and breathe windsurfing, and i have been active in the sport since 1996. I shoot windsurfing and kitesurfing often as i can. I guess it comes easier to me than most photographers because I know when the action of a trick is going to be. I always thought windsurfing and kitesurfing would be cool to shoot.

Nature and travel photo safari

Individual digital photo instruction, landscapes and nature photography guides and in depth knowledge of the area, are what set my workshops and digital photo safaris apart from the rest. WInter is prime time for photographing, with fewer visitors, crisp air and stunning light that makes for great images. The workshop also focuses on the color zone system, use of light in the landscape, composition, filters and more.


I believe any opportunity to photograph the sea is a good opportunity. For those of you planning to venture out with your cameras , in some cases for the first time, I’m sure i don’t need to remind you to keep warm, and look after both yourself and your equipment. Keep iit local, and take the time to enjoy the ocean and the fleeting photographic opportunities it offers. The main thing is to really use your imagination and be inspired by the extraordinary transformations to everyday scene that the ocean gives us.