Offshore Photography


I have been working in the offshore industry for the last 10 years or so. As a result I have a good knowledge of this industry and as a photographer I know how to make it look good.


I traveled to Africa , North and South America, Europe, Africa , Middle east 


I have all the safety and medical certificate appropriate and I can wind-farm, offshore platform, seismic industry etc…


I’m free to travel at short notice to any assets in Europe and beyond. I can produce  high definition photography and short movies of you assets whether it is an ongoing project, maintenance upgrade, or just general personnel or crew images for press, commercial , web, brochure, internal use


If you are an offshore service company, looking for quality digital content, I can photograph, your products, service or crew in situ or on the asset.

Further Offshore Emergency Training (OPITO),

Fire Fighting, Helicopter Underwater Escape (HUET), Emergency Breathing Systems Equipment, and basic first aid, Falck Nutec, Rotterdam, Netherlands, valid up to March 2017.


Offshore Medical Certificate, UKOOA medical, valid up to November 2016. 


US visa, B1OCS, valid up to April 2019